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D&B Asia Match Environment

D&B’s Asia Match Environment (AME) is designed to enable D&B’s best-in-class Entity Matching in Asian languages. AME currently supports native-language matching on Japan, Taiwan, mainland China (PRC), and South Korea.

Visit the Online Documentation for Developers for instructions on how to implement the following product features.

AME API Documentation

Refer to the "SOAP Connection Guide" for details about this feature.

Additional Details

AME Online provides transactional (single-inquiry) Asian language matching in real-time. AME Online is available via a web services API - D&B contacts can provide more information on the API and creation of new ones to suit individual customer needs.

AME Batch Matching Process

Refer to the "FTP Batch Matching Guide" for details about this feature.

Additional Details

AME Central Batch is the route into AME that enables batch (file-based) matching via FTP. Most matching using AME Central Batch is performed by D&B teams on behalf of customers, although it is possible for customers to use AME Central Batch as a “self-service” system in certain circumstances.