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D&B Direct API

D&B Direct is an application programming interface that allows you to stream reliable, on-demand business information into enterprise-wide systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, corporate intranets and web forms, and supply chain management systems or commercial software and web applications.

Visit the Online Documentation for Developers for instructions on how to implement the following product features.

Feature NameProduct Code
Add Monitoring RegistrationMNMR_ADRG
Add Multiple Monitoring RegistrationsTR_BTCH_MNTR_REG
Alternative Detailed Company Profile - EnhancedDCP_ALT_ENH
Alternative Detailed Company Profile - PremiumDCP_ALT_PREM
Alternative Detailed Company Profile - StandardDCP_ALT_STD
Business Background Report (D2)BBR
Business Information Report (BIR-D2)BIR
Business Information Report (BIR-D2) 2BIR_BANK
Business Information Report (BIR-D2) 3BIR_FIN
Business Information Report (BIR-D2) 4BIR_HST_OP
Business Information Report (BIR-D2) 5BIR_PF
Business Information Report (BIR-D2) 6BIR_PYMNT
Business Information Report (BIR-D2) 7BIR_SMMR
Business Information Report (BIR-D2) 8BIR_SP_EVNT
Business RegistrationPUBREC_BR
Compact Report (D2)CPTR
Comprehensive Report (D2)COMPR
Corporate Entity Type & OwnershipPUBREC_OS
Corporate Linkage - EnhancedLNK_FF
Corporate Linkage - StandardLNK_UPF
Country Risk Insight ReportCRLR
Country Risk ReportCRR
Create Monitoring ProfileMNMP_CRMP
Create Notification ProfileMNNP_CRNP
D&B Rating & TrendRTNG_TRND
D&B Supplier Evaluation Risk RatingSER
D&B Total Loss PredictorTLP
D&B Triple Play - Enhanced (Segmentation)TP_ENH
D&B Triple Play - PremiumTP_PREM
D&B Triple Play - Standard (Composite Risk)TP_STD
D&B Viability RatingVIAB_RAT
Delete AssetPRTF_DA
Detailed Company Profile - EnhancedDCP_ENH
Detailed Company Profile - PremiumDCP_PREM
Detailed Company Profile - SDMRDCP_SDMR
Detailed Company Profile - StandardDCP_STD
Detailed Company Profile - WB1784DCP_WB1784
Diversity Indicators - EnhancedDVR_ENH
Diversity Indicators - StandardDVR_STD
Electronic Credit File ReportECF
Filing ListPUBREC_FL
Financial HighlightsFIN_HGLT
Financial StatementsFIN_ST_PLUS
Find CompetitorsELEL_FCMPT
Find Industry CodesELEL_FINDR
Get Monitoring ProductMNPD_GMP
Global Beneficial OwnershipGBO
Investigation Process (D2)IVPL_PI
Know Your Customer DataKYD
Know Your Customer ReportKYC
List Available Public DocumentsLAPD
List Available Public DocumentsPCPA_LAPD
List Change NoticeMNCN_LSCN
List Monitoring ProfileMNMP_LSMP
List Monitoring RegistrationMNMR_LSRG
List Notification ProfileMNNP_LSNP
List Portfolio AssetPRTF_LPA
Market Analysis ReportMKT_ANL_RP
News and Social MediaNEWS_MDA
On-Demand Address Cleanse & UpdateCPST_SCNA
On-Demand Entity Identification - AdvancedCPMH_MH
On-Demand Entity Identification - BasicCPMH_BAS
On-Demand Entity Identification - SBRICPMH_SBRI
On-Demand Multiple Entity Resolution (Asynchronous)BHTR_PB2
On-Demand Multiple Entity Resolution (Synchronous)BHTR_PB
On-Demand Single Entity ResolutionCPCM_CM
Payment Analysis ReportPAR
Payment Habits by IndustryPAR_HBI
Payment Information - DetailPI_DTL
Payment Information & Paydex (Rating) - Detail - EnhancedPIAP_ENH
Payment Information & Paydex (Rating) - Detail - PremiumPIAP_PREM
Payment Information & Paydex (Rating) - Detail - StandardPIAP_STD
People - EnhancedCNTCT_PLUS
People - StandardCNTCT
Predictive Bankruptcy & Payment Risk - EnhancedPBPR_ENH
Predictive Bankruptcy & Payment Risk - StandardPBPR_STD
Predictive Bankruptcy Risk - D&B Financial Stress Score (FSS) v 5.0PBR_FSS_V5.0
Predictive Bankruptcy Risk - D&B Financial Stress Score (FSS) v 6.0PBR_FSS_V6.0
Predictive Bankruptcy Risk - D&B Financial Stress Score (FSS) v 7.1PBR_FSS_V7.1
Predictive Global Payment Risk - D&B Emerging Market Mediation Alert Score (EMMA)PGPR_EMMA
Predictive Payment Risk - D&B Commercial Credit Score (CCS) v 7.0PPR_CCS_V7
Predictive Payment Risk - D&B Commercial Credit Score (CCS) v 9.0PPR_CCS_V9
Product Availability LookupPCPA_LAP
Product Catalog DownloadPCPA_GPC
Public Document Image OrderingPDRP_OPR
Public Record Filing Name SearchCPSH_PRNAME
Public Record Filing Office LookupCPSH_PRNUM
Research - Industry CodeIND_STD
Research - State/ProvinceIND_ADV
Retrieve Portfolio AssetPRTF_RPA
Search & Build-a-List - Company AdvancedELEL_FCP
Search & Build-a-List - Company BasicELEL_FCPB
Search & Build-a-List - Contacts AdvancedELEL_FCT
Search & Build-a-List - Contacts BasicELEL_FCTB
Search & Build-a-List - Contacts Email LookupELEL_FCTE
Simple OwnershipSO
Small Business Company & Owner Risk ProfileSBCRP
Small Business Risk Insight - EnhancedSBRI_ENH
Small Business Risk Insight - StandardSBRI_STD
Suits, Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcies - DetailPUBREC_DTLS
Update Monitoring ProfileMNMP_UPMP
Update Monitoring RegistrationMNMR_UPRG
Update Notification ProfileMNNP_UPNP
USA Patriot Act PlusPAC_PLUS
User Service - Create PreferenceBCUR_CRPR
User Service - List PreferenceBCUR_LSPR
User Service - Update PreferenceBCUR_UPPR