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D&B360 for MSD platform

D&B360 gives you insight within your CRM to enable you to know your customers better, acquire new prospects, sell deeper into organizations, and improve salesperson effectiveness.

User Guide

Users and administrative users should refer to the online documentation for details on how to use and gain the best insight from D&B360.

Installation Guide

NOTE: See the Information Batch Upgrade page for documentation related to the March 2015 upgrade.

The D&B 360 Installation Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM document provides installation instructions. Administrators should be familiar with how to use a command-line interface and how to download and copy executable files to their local directory.

Release Notes

Refer to the latest D&B360 Release Notes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a history of updates and known issues.

Installation Troubleshooting

D&B360 administrators can refer to the Troubleshooting Guide for assistance troubleshooting the installation of D&B360 in the MSD platform CRM environment.

Data Dictionary

Refer to the data dictionary for a description of each of the D&B360 data elements.