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Error Codes

The following error codes may be returned by D&B Direct+ API functions:

HTTP Status CodeerrorMessage ValueserrorCode Values
503Request timeout00002
400One or more parameters are invalid or missing.00003
400This request was issued outside the contract start/end date00005
400User credentials are not allowed on this request00006
400User credentials are required in payload00007
400Malformed payload00008
400Bad Request00010
400Origin header is required00011
401Contract data not found00012
500Internal Server Error00034
500Internal Server Error00035
404Not Found00037
404Not Found00038
429Too Many Requests00045
429Too Many Requests00046
404Supplied IP address not found30500
404Supplied email not found30501
404Supplied domain not found30502
404Resource type not found for supplied IP address30503
500External resource offline/not contactable30504
504External resource timeout30505
500External resource service error30506
502External resource authorization error30508
404DUNS not found10500
500DUNS resource service error10503
502DUNS resource authorization error10504
502DUNS resource has changed10505
500Unexpected data type in datastore10506
500Runtime error10507
408Request timeout10508
400Your request must contain one query parameter, please fix your request and try again10509
400The request URI was not valid as it was missing a valid query parameter, please fix your request and try again10510