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Direct 2.0

Cleanse and Match CDL Input

The following fields (fully-quoted and comma-separated) should be provided for each product request, followed by a carriage return/line-feed combination. If a specific data element is empty in the input file, still a comma delimiter should be present.

IMPORTANT: a carriage return/line-feed is required for the last record.

,1,,,,,,,804735132,"GORMAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC.",,492 KOLLER ST,,SAN FRANCISCO,,94110,,US,,06505550000,,
,2,,,,,,,214567885,"D & B SAMPLE CO LTD",,MARLOW INTERNATIONAL PARKWAY,,MARLOW,,SL7 1AJ,,GB,,98841212120,,
SequenceNameDescriptionData TypeLengthMandatory (Y/N)
1Reserved1  100 
2ApplicationTransactionIDUnique Transaction ID of the requestString64Y
3Customer Reference TextFiller for any future purposes 100 
4Customer Reference TextFiller for any future purposes 100 
5URLURL InformationString100 
6EmailEmail AddressString100 
7Reserved4  100 
8Reserved5  100 
9DUNSNumberThe D-U-N-S Number is DandBs identification number, which provides unique identification of this organization, in accordance with the Data Universal Numbering System (D-U-N-S).String15N
10SubjectNameCompany nameString256N
11Reserved6  1 
12StreetAddressLine1First line of this Organization's addressString240N
13StreetAddressLine2Second line of this Organization's addressString240N
14PrimaryTownNameThe name of the town or city recognized by the Postal Authority for delivering mail.String64N
16FullPostalCodeThe country code for this entity's locationString32N
17Reserved7  50 
18CountryISOAlpha2CodeThe two-letter country code, defined in the ISO 3166-1 scheme published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), identifying the country for this address.String2N
19Reserved8  1 
20TelephoneNumberThe telephone number for this SubjectString50N
21OrganizationIdentificationNumber.DNBCodeValue Integer7 
22OrganizationIdentificationNumberOrganization Identification NumberString40N