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Direct 2.0

Response Codes

Whenever a D&B Direct web service request is unsuccessful, one of the following response codes will be returned.

CodeResult TextHTTP Status*
CM001The given request is invalid.400
CM002The format of this request is invalid.400
CM003Missing information in the request.400
CM004Internal D&B system error.500**
CM005D&B System temporarily unavailable.503
CM006D&B System busy.503
CM007Your request cannot be fulfilled for the given criteria.404
CM008No match found for the requested Duns number.404
CM009Reason Code required for Germany.400
CM010Partial Success.200
CM011Invalid Country Code provided in the request.400
CM012Invalid Duns number provided in the request.400
CM013Invalid Subject ID provided in the request.400
CM014Invalid Product Code provided in the request.400
CM016Invalid Territory provided in the request.400
CM017Duns number is missing in the request.400
CM018No candidates resulted for the given input criteria.404
CM022Only a Subset of request parameters were used for processing the request. 200
CM023Duplicate record cannot be created.400
CM026Request accepted. Processing pending.200
CP001No Match for the given input criteria. 404
CP002No candidates resulted in the Extended Search.404
CP003No Match for given Telephone Number.404
CP004No Match for given Organization Identifier.404
CP005Insufficient Information to determine Fraud Score.400
PD001Requested product not available due to insufficient data.404
PD002Requested subject is promised later. Preliminary report returned.200
PD003Requested product not available - subject is on Stop Distribution.404
PD004Requested product not available due to subject information is too old.404
PD005Requested Product not available.404

Subject is foreign branch, therefore trade-up to HQ is not available.

NOTE: Applicable only for US/CA cases when TradeUpIndicator= "true" for Risk packets.

PD007Family Tree does not exist for requested subject.404
PD008Success. Returned truncated family tree, as family tree member count exceeds maximum limit for requested subject.200
PD009Required scoring elements missing - a Commercial or Blended Small Business report is not available. You may proceed with a Principal only request.200
PD010Requested Product not available as address is undeliverable.200
PD011Requested Product not available as address is undeliverable.404
PD012Requested Product not available on Self request.404
PD013Requested Product is not available currently. Product will be delivered to the customer at a later point of time via offline delivery channels (Email/FAX/FTP etc).404
PD014Requested data is not available or partially available due to data integrity errors.404
PD015Trade-up to HQ is not available. Therefore delivering the data for branch organization.200
PD016Requested Product is not available since the requested DUNS is deleted or transferred to a new DUNS.200
PD019The requested product is not available because the product size exceeds the maximum limit. Please use the compressed product attachment option for pulling a product of large size. 200
PD020No Match found during screening.404
PD021Potential Match found during screening; Review required.200
PD022Request accepted for the Portfolio Monitoring.200
PD023Ready to Review.200
PD024Analyst Review in progress, outcome will need to be reviewed in Application.200
SC001Your user credentials are invalid.401
SC002Your user credentials are not eligible for this request.401
SC003Your user credentials have expired.401
SC004Your Subscriber number has expired.401
SC005You have reached maximum limit permitted as per the contract.401
SC006Transaction not processed as the permitted concurrency limit was exceeded.401
SC007Subscriber validation failed.401
SC008 Your account has been locked out due to repeated attempts to login with an incorrect User ID/Password. 401
SC009Invalid Sign On Token in the request.401
SC010The User ID you provided doesn’t exist in the system.n/a
SC011The User ID you provided already exist in the systemn/a
SC012Request not processed as user activation key is invalid or expired.n/a
SC014Your user credentials are not eligible for this request since you are in trial period. 401
BC001Partial Success. One or more records in the input file were not processed.200
BC002Batch request is not processed since input file is not available in the specified location.400
BC003Batch request is not processed since the content of the input file is not in the expected format.400
BC004Batch request is not processed since the count of the records specified in the request do not match the exact count of records in the input file.400
BC005Intermediate Success200
BC006Batch request is not processed 400
BC007Batch Execution in progressn/a
BC008Batch Execution not yet startedn/a
BC009Batch not processed as the input file contains more records than the permitted limit.400
BC010Batch files no longer available after retention period.200
BC011Invalid Batch Process Id provided in the request.400
MN001Invalid Monitoring Profile ID provided in the request. 400
MN002Invalid Notification Profile ID provided in the request. 400
MN003Product not registered for Level 2 Monitoring400
MN004Cannot delete Monitoring Profile - registrations exist400
MN005Cannot delete Notification Profile - registrations exist.400

*This column displays the corresponding HTTP status code that will be returned for REST API calls.

**Data Exchange calls will return the HTTP status that was received from the partner.