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Direct 2.0

API Service Index

IMPORTANT: Please see the new Online Services Security Enhancement Release, effective November 09, 2020.

A listing of D&B Direct 2.0 API services and data layers (i.e. products, reports and features) that are available in U.S. and Canadian customer markets. See also "API Functional Map"

Customers in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg markets should refer to "D&B Direct Onboard API"

Assessment Product Service

Batch Service

Company Service

Compliance Check Service

Compliance Verification Service

Contact Product Service

Custom Product Service

Data Exchange Service

SOAP interface not available.

Entity List Service

Financial Product Service

Firmographic Product Service

Industry Product Service

Investigation Service

Linkage Product Service

Monitoring Service

News and Media Service

Portfolio Service

Product Catalog Service

Public Record Service

Reference Data Service

Report Product Service

Sanctions & Government Watch List Screening

SBRI Product Service

Trade Detail Product Service

Transactional Mini-Batch Service

User Service

For a limited time, customers may continue referencing previously published documentation; however, please be advised that any changes/updates to the API materials will ONLY be reflected in the current documentation on this site.

NOTE: Existing D&B customers may also continue to access documentation for D&B Direct 1.x (S&MS and SMS), and D&B Data Integration Toolkit (RMS).


D&B Direct provides a test environment (referred to as the sandbox) that requires a separate set of credentials. Service requests made with sandbox credentials should be issued using the same endpoints (and in the case of SOAP, using the same WSDL file).

Suggested parameter values that may be used for test environment (sandbox) requests to retrieve successful responses are now provided on the respective feature page in section labeled "Interface Testing."