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Direct 2.0

Obtaining Credentials

Access to the D&B Direct web services are secured by a Username and Password combination. D&B will issue your organization a production username upon completion of the contract establishment process. This username will be sent to the email address designated on the contract, along with instructions for setting up the password. This process will also be followed for production trial requests.

Usernamestring, up to ?? chars Pattern: {([0-9a-zA-Z]*)}, Required, D&B Assigned
Passwordstring, up to ?? chars, Required, Customer Assigned

D&B offers a non-billable environment (commonly referred to as the sandbox) for testing the D&B Direct web services. Developers may establish, via a self-service interface, sandbox user id and password combinations. The production credentials assigned to your organization may NOT be used in the sandbox environment to authenticate web services, and vice-versa.

NOTE: While the D&B Compliance √ (check) features are accessed through the D&B Direct service, separate credentials are required for each data environment and will be provided by a D&B sales representative.

Before D&B Direct services can be invoked, the credentials must be activated. Instructions and a link for activating username/password combinations will be included in an email sent upon completion of the registration process. If you do not receive an email, or unable to locate it, please contact the D&B support team for assistance (and specify if this a production, trial or sandbox related issue).

NOTE: The system will generate a unique username for accounts created after December 6, 2013. Prior to that date, the customer-supplied email address was used as the username. No change is required for existing credentials.

Password Management

It is the customer's responsibility to treat their credentials as confidential and ensure that access is limited to personnel who develop the applications that will integrate D&B data. Password expiration, forced change and/or lockout rules are not implemented as part of this API.

After three (3) failed authentication attempts, the customer's account will be locked, and subsequent requests will return an SC001 response code. Please contact D&B Customer Support to have the account unlocked.

Customers who would like to change the password associated with a specific API username should contact D&B Customer Support. Note, changes to passwords will go into effect immediately. An industry standard hashing algorithm is used for encryption and storage of passwords.