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Direct 2.0

Monitoring Registration Flow

The following flow describes the monitoring registration request statuses and expected time frames.


When a customer adds a monitoring registration, the status of the request moves to Pending. If the packet/data pull is successful, the status moves to Active, and monitoring for the specified D-U-N-S Number begins.

When a packet/data pull is not initially successful, the status remains as Pending, and is re-attempted for 11 days on CM004, CM005, or CM006 errors. After 11 days, or if any of the following errors occur, the status moves to Failed. Twenty-four hours after either a Stopped Distribution, Too Old Data, or Product Packet not available error, the request is deleted.

  1. RegistrationFailed: StopDistribution
  2. RegistrationFailed: TooOldData
  3. RegistrationFailed: ProductAvailabilityFailure (Product/Packet not available or Data sufficiency Failed)
  4. RegistrationFailed: (other scenarios as given below)
    • Inactive Subject
    • OOB Subject
    • Data Sufficiency
    • Subject unavailable due to trade-up
    • Subject country differs from registered country
    • Failed due to long pending
    • Subject requires Investigation
    • Duplicate headquarter registration
    • Duplicate Registration

NOTE: For failed registrations, contact the D&B Direct Customer Support team at (866) 465-3829 or submit an online request for assistance.

To remove a registration, a customer may change the status to Cancelled immediately, from either a Pending or Active registration status, via the Update Monitoring Registration request.

When a customer contract or case registration expires, the status moves to Expired. The expiration date can be found using the following element:

ListMonitoringRegistrationResponse. ListMonitoringRegistrationResponseDetail. MonitoringRegistrationDetail. EndDate