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Direct 2.0

Retrieve Product {data products}

This operation -- included in all data and report product services (listed below)-- provides access to the product request archive. Assets may also be retrieved by using the Portfolio:RetrievePortfolioAsset operation.

Assessment Product ServiceRetrieveProduct()

same as OrderProduct()

Contact Product ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()
Compliance Verification ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()
Custom Product ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()
Financial Product ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()
Firmographic Product ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()
Industry Product ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()
Linkage Product ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()
News and Media ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()
Public Record ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()
SBRI Product ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()
Trade Detail Product ServiceRetrieveProduct()same as OrderProduct()

*The response data field names will be prefixed with "RetrieveProductResponse.RetrieveProductResponseDetail" instead of "OrderProductResponse.OrderProductResponseDetail".

Request Parameters

The following parameters are accepted by this operation; however, the requirements for a specific request may differ based the product being requested.

Name Characteristics
RetrieveProductRequest Aggregate
RetrieveProductRequest@ServiceVersionNumber Attribute
RetrieveProductRequest. TransactionDetail Aggregate, Optional

Records information necessary to process this request.

RetrieveProductRequest. TransactionDetail. ApplicationTransactionID string up to 64 chars., Optional

A number assigned by the calling application to uniquely identify this request.

RetrieveProductRequest. TransactionDetail. TransactionTimestamp DateTimestamp, Optional

The date and time when this request was created. When the request is from an intermediary, such as a workflow manager or service bus, this is the date and time when the message was sent to the D&B function, i.e., the date and time when the xml document was created by the requesting intermediary.

RetrieveProductRequest. TransactionDetail. SubmittingOfficeID string up to 64 chars., Optional

A number that identifies the system or the software application from where this request originated. / A number used to uniquely identfy the D&B business segment or delivery channel from where this request originated.

END: RetrieveProductRequest. TransactionDetail /Aggregate
RetrieveProductRequest. RetrieveProductRequestDetail Aggregate, Required
RetrieveProductRequest. RetrieveProductRequestDetail. ArchiveDetail Aggregate, Required
RetrieveProductRequest. RetrieveProductRequestDetail. ArchiveDetail. PortfolioAssetID long, Required
END: RetrieveProductRequest. RetrieveProductRequestDetail. ArchiveDetail /Aggregate
END: RetrieveProductRequest. RetrieveProductRequestDetail /Aggregate
END: RetrieveProductRequest /Aggregate

Response Data Fields

Refer to the respective OrderProduct operation for each service. For example, a request from Assessment:RetrieveProduct() will return the same response as Assessment:OrderProduct(). The response items, however, will be prefixed with "RetrieveProductResponse.RetrieveProductResponseDetail" instead of "OrderProductResponse.OrderProductResponseDetail".

Response Codes & Error Handling

Successful service requests will return a CM000 response code in the TransactionResult ResultID field. Otherwise, one of the D&B Direct standard response codes will be returned.

This operation may return the following response codes: CM001, CM002, CM003, CM004, CM005, CM006, PT001, and SC001-SC009.

Operation-specific supplemental response code explanations: