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Direct 2.0

Service Utilization

D&B employs various methods to manage utilization of the D&B Direct web services. These include request metering and concurrency throttling.

When D&B Direct services are pre-purchased, weekly transactional thresholds (based on expected average data layer usage) are assigned to each contract, and all web service transactions are then metered against those limits. Usage thresholds are also issued for production trial and sandbox accounts, where the web services will return an error code if the threshold is exceeded.

In addition, as part of the contract determination process, a concurrency limit is established, and the web services monitor activity to ensure that this limit is not exceeded. An error code will be returned in the event that a transaction is throttled.

As a customer's actual or planned usage patterns change, these limits can be adjusted. Please contact a D&B sales associate, whenever usage exceeds the limits established in the D&B Direct contract.

Online Usage Tracking

D&B Direct operation requests include a billing endorsement field (CustomerBillingEndorsementText) that, when populated, will appear in the D&B online usage billing system.

The following screenshot highlights where this information will appear on the Usage Details tab within D&B online usage billing. There is a three day delay before D&B Direct transactions appear in this system.