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Direct 2.0

Delete Portfolio Asset

Allows a customer to manually remove a previously ordered product from the Portfolio; however, items are automatically removed when they expire.

Update History

No modifications have been made to this data layer since the initial release.

What to do First

Before you can retrieve or delete an asset(s), you need to perform the following operation to obtain the asset ID value(s).

Feature Request

IMPORTANT: Please see the new Online Services Security Enhancement Release, effective November 09, 2020.


D&B Direct customers are assigned a temporary storage area where copies of the data and report products requested via the API can be retained for 120 days (extendable up to 365 days or remaining length of the current contract, whichever is less). This portfolio feature provides a convenient way to retrieve previously accessed information for comparison or recovery purposes.

When the archiving option is selected, a portfolio asset ID is returned by requests for a D&B Direct data or report product. This asset ID can be used to retrieve the copied information from the portfolio. Alternatively, a separate service exists that can be used to obtain a list of the portfolio contents.

Three operations (List, Retrieve and Delete) are provided to access and manage the information contained in the Product Request Archive.

Data Layer Entitlement

For customers in U.S. and Canadian markets, the API is provisioned for specific collections of products, reports, and/or features (collectively referred to as data layers) for production and trial usage. Entitlement is not required for testing in the sandbox environment.

  • This particular feature does not require entitlement for production and trial usage for D&B Direct 2.0 customers.

For customers in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg markets, the API is provisioned as a specific set of data layers for production, trial, and sandbox usage.

  • This particular data layer is included in the D&B Direct Onboard 2.0 suite.


Sample Request (Delete)
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:por="" xmlns:soapenv="">
      <wsse:Security soapenv:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns:wsse="" xmlns:wsu="">
         <wsse:UsernameToken wsu:Id="UsernameToken-1">
            <wsse:Password Type="">Password</wsse:Password>
      <por:ArchivePortfolioAssetRequest ServiceVersionNumber="2.0">
                  <ParameterValue>Gorman Manufacturing</ParameterValue>
Name Characteristics
DeletePortfolioAssetRequest Aggregate
DeletePortfolioAssetRequest@ServiceVersionNumber Attribute
DeletePortfolioAssetRequest. TransactionDetail Aggregate, Optional
DeletePortfolioAssetRequest. TransactionDetail. ApplicationTransactionID string up to 64 chars., Optional
DeletePortfolioAssetRequest. TransactionDetail. TransactionTimestamp dateTime, Optional
DeletePortfolioAssetRequest. TransactionDetail. SubmittingOfficeID string up to 64 chars., Optional
END: DeletePortfolioAssetRequest. TransactionDetail /Aggregate
DeletePortfolioAssetRequest. DeletePortfolioAssetRequestDetail Aggregate, Optional
DeletePortfolioAssetRequest. DeletePortfolioAssetRequestDetail. PortfolioAssetID PortfolioAssetIDType, Required

An identifier which unqiuely identifies a report in the users portfolio.


Use the following endpoint with the downloadable WSDL to request this feature.

Endpoint (Portfolio){version}


This operation will function the same regardless of the environment. Portfolio operation requests made in the D&B Direct sandbox (test) environment will return results based on any previous product calls performed using sandbox credentials.

Feature Response


The following is a list of the possible data fields returned by this operation in the XML response. Samples are provided for testing successful and failed retrieval, and to demonstrate the basic layout of a response. The data returned in samples may not represent actual values that this feature will deliver.

NOTE: The D-U-N-S Number returned in the response will be a nine-digit zero-padded, numeric value.

Sample Response (Delete)
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
      <por:ArchivePortfolioAssetResponse xmlns:por="">
Name Characteristics
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse Aggregate
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse@ServiceVersionNumber Attribute
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionDetail Aggregate, Required
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionDetail. ApplicationTransactionID string up to 64 chars., Optional
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionDetail. ServiceTransactionID string up to 64 chars., Required
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionDetail. TransactionTimestamp dateTime, Required
END: DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionDetail /Aggregate
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionResult Aggregate, Required
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionResult. SeverityText string, Required
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionResult. ResultID string up to 32 chars., Required
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionResult. ResultText string up to 512 chars., Optional
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionResult. ResultMessage Aggregate, Optional (Array)
DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionResult. ResultMessage. ResultDescription string up to 512 chars., Required
END: DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionResult. ResultMessage /Aggregate
END: DeletePortfolioAssetResponse. TransactionResult /Aggregate
END: DeletePortfolioAssetResponse /Aggregate

Response Codes & Error Handling

Successful service requests will return a CM000 response code in the TransactionResult ResultID field. Otherwise, one of the D&B Direct standard response codes will be returned.

This operation may return the following response codes: CM001, CM004, PT001, and SC001-SC009.

Operation-specific supplemental response code explanations:

D&B Direct 2.0 API requests are provided on a metered basis; and may require entitlement prior to use in the production environment. In addition, a concurrency limit (QPS) is monitored to ensure that it is not exceeded. An error code will be returned in the event that a transaction is throttled.

While this operation is provided on a metered basis, usage is tracked; however, no billing for successful calls is recorded.

Feature Notes

While the portfolio feature is utilized by other D&B services, only items created by D&B Direct can be managed using this service.

The portfolio feature is also utilized by the D&B Direct Investigation Service.