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Direct 2.0

Welcome to D&B Direct 2.0

D&B Direct is an application programming interface that allows you to stream reliable, on-demand business information into enterprise-wide systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, corporate intranets and web forms, and supply chain management systems or commercial software and web applications.

IMPORTANT: Please see the new Online Services Security Enhancement Release, effective November 09, 2020.

Quick Start using REST

Two of the most common uses of the D&B Direct API are locating a D&B D-U-N-S Number, and then obtaining a Detailed Company Profile for a company.

D&B Direct API calls must be made using Secured Socket Layers (SSL).

NOTE: To make either of these calls, you will need D&B Direct credentials. You can obtain sandbox (test environment) credentials by completing a online form.

Before making calls to any D&B Direct function using REST, you need to obtain an authentication token, which lasts for twenty four hours. Simply place your userid/password into the header and make the following POST call:

x-dnb-user: MyUsername
x-dnb-pwd: MyPassword

TransactionDetail: {
   "ApplicationTransactionID": "{user-defined}",
   "ServiceTransactionID": "{user-defined}",
   "TransactionTimestamp": "2001-12-17T09:30:47Z"

Copy the Authorization: value in the response, and include it in the header of subsequent calls. You'll also need to know what the latest version is for the respective service.

Locating a D-U-N-S Number (often called Match)

This function is part of the Company Service, which is currently at {version} "5.0".

Authorization: My Token

The JSON response for this function will return a static response in the sandbox (test environment). Did you try it? Here's what you should have received.

Obtaining a Detailed Company Profile

This function is part of the Firmographic Product Service, which is currently at {version} "5.0".

Authorization: My Token

The JSON response for this function will return the profile for Gorman Manufacturing Company, Inc. (D&B's fictional test company) in the sandbox (test environment). Did you try it? Here's what you should have received.

NOTE: A set of D-U-N-S Numbers is available to D&B Direct 2.0 customers for performing non-billable transactions in the production environment.


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