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Ratings Guide


The D&B® Rating consists of a Risk Indicator/Condition Code and Financial Strength Indicator. The Financial Strength Indicator is based on either Net Worth or Issued Capital.

D&B Risk Indicator

The following possible values exist for the D&B Risk Indicator in this country.

Risk IndicatorConditionLevel of RiskGuide to Interpretation
1StrongMinimal riskProceed with transaction - offer extended terms if required
2GoodLow riskProceed with transaction
3FairSlightly greater than average riskProceed with transaction but monitor closely
4LimitedSignificant level of riskReview each case before extending credit and obtain more information. Take suitable assurances before extending credit, guarantees may be needed

D&B Financial Strength Indicator

The following table possible values exist for the D&B Financial Strength Indicator in this country.

Based on Net WorthNet Worth (in AUD)
5A 50,000,000 and greater
4A 10,000,000 - 49,999,999
3A 5,000,000 - 9,999,999
2A 1,000,000 - 4,999,999
A 600,000 - 999,999
B 300,000 - 599,999
C 100,000 - 299,999
D 40,000 - 99,999
E 12,000 - 39,999
F 4,000 - 11,999
G 0 - 3,999
O Net worth undetermined. Accounts unavailable or older than 18 months
N Negative tangible net worth. Negative balance of equity after deduction of intangibles
NQ No Score Available