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Ratings Guide


The D&B® Rating in Europe consists of a Risk Indicator and Financial Strength Indicator. The Financial Strength Indicator is based on either Net Worth or Issued Capital.

D&B Risk Indicator

The following possible values exist for the D&B Risk Indicator in this country.

Risk IndicatorProbability of FailureGuide to Interpretation
1Minimal riskProceed with transaction - offer extended terms if required
2Low riskProceed with transaction
3Slightly greater than average riskProceed with transaction but monitor closely
4Significant level of riskTake suitable assurances before extending credit - e.g. personal guarantees
-Insufficient information to assign a risk indicatorNo public information or D&B proprietary information available to assign a valid risk

D&B Financial Strength Indicator

The following table possible values exist for the D&B Financial Strength Indicator in this country.

Based on Net WorthBased On CapitalNet Worth (in €)
5A5AA35,000,000 and greater
4A4AA15,000,000 - 34,999,999
3A3AA7,000,000 - 14,999,999
2A2AA1,500,000 - 6,999,999
1A1AA700,000 - 1,499,999
AAA350,000 - 699,999
BBB200,000 - 349,999
CCC100,000 - 199,999
DDD70,000 - 99,999
EEE35,000 - 69,999
FFF20,000 - 34,999
GGG8,000 - 19,999
HHH0 - 7999
NNegative net worth (negative balance of equity after deduction of intangibles)
ONet worth undetermined (accounts unavailable or older than 2 years)
NQOut of Business: Business has ceased to trade