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Ratings Guide


The D&B® Rating consists of a Credit Appraisal and Financial Strength Indicator. The Financial Strength Indicator is based on either Net Worth or Issued Capital.

Composite Credit Conditions

The following possible values exist for the Credit Appraisal in this country.

Risk IndicatorGuide to Interpretation
1 Strong (Minimal Trading Risk)
2 Good (Low Risk)
3 Fair (Slightly Greater Than Average Risk)
4 Limited (Significant Trading Risk)

Alternate Ratings Used

O- Used when information available is insufficient or does not permit assignment of a rating. This is also used for businesses that have been trading for a relatively short period. Other reasons are negative net worth, recent inception, winding up proceedings
NQ Businesses that had ceased operations or gone out of business are also assigned a Not-Quoted rating
N Negative Net Worth
ER Certain businesses (according to SIC) are not active seekers of commercial credit and thus do not lend themselves to a D&B rating

D&B Financial Strength Indicator

The following table possible values exist for the D&B Financial Strength Indicator in this country.

Estimated Financial Strength (in INR)
5A 645,950,000 and greater
4A 129,190,000 - 645,949,999
3A 64,595,000 - 129,189,999
2A 12,919,000 - 64,594,999
1A 7,751,400 - 12,918,999
B 3,875,700 - 7,751,399
C 1,219,900 - 3,875,699
D 516,760 - 1,219,899
E 155,028 - 516,759
F 51,676 - 155,027
G 0 - 51,676