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Ratings Guide


The D&B® Rating consists of a Risk Indicator/Condition Code and Financial Strength Indicator. The Financial Strength Indicator is based on either Net Worth or Issued Capital.

D&B Risk Indicator

The following possible values exist for the D&B Risk Indicator in this country.

Risk IndicatorProbability of FailureGuide to Interpretation
1StrongThis type of rating is given when there is minimal risk in the company
2GoodThis type of rating is given when there is low risk in business
3FairThis type of rating is given when there is greater than average risk in business
4PoorThis type of rating is given when the company is financially weak and the company is subject to high risk
-UndeterminedThis is assigned to concerns where there is insufficient information available to express any opinion on the condition, financial soundness or payment history of the concern

D&B Financial Strength Indicator

The following table possible values exist for the D&B Financial Strength Indicator in this country.

Based on Net WorthBased On CapitalNet Worth (in USD)
5A5AA60,000,000 and greater
4A4AA25,000,000 - 59,999,999
3A3AA12,000,000 - 24,999,999
2A2AA2,500,000 - 11,999,999
1A1AA1,200,000 - 2,499,999
AAA600,000 - 1,199,999
BBB345,000 - 599,999
CCC175,000 - 349,999
DDD120,000 - 174,999
EEE60,000 - 119,999
FFF35,000 - 59,999
GGG15,000 - 34,999
HHH0 - 14,999
NFinancial Strength is negative
OFinancial Strength is undisclosed
NBNew Business less than 24 months old
NQCeased Trading