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Direct 2.0

October 3, 2014

If you need assistance implementing these changes, or have questions regarding the new features or business elements, please contact the D&B Direct Customer Support team at (866) 465-3829 or submit an online request for assistance.

Service Changes/Additions

The following changes were implemented to the (Undefined variable: DNBVariableSet.D&BDirect) 2.0 API:

Assessment Product Service4.0SOAP/RESTThe D&B Viability Rating is now available for organizations domiciled in Canada.
Assessment Product Service, Trade Detail Product Service, Custom Product Service4.0SOAP/RESTFor Belgium case countries, the calculation for the Financial Embarrassment and Other Special Events indicators has been expanded to encompass additional conditions. The following products are affected: USA PATRIOT Act Plus, Payment Information & Paydex (Rating) - Detail (Standard/Enhanced/Premium) and Custom Products.

Printer-Friendly Release Notes

An Adobe Acrobat PDF of this document is available for download or printing.

Data Primer

This Microsoft Exceltm spreadsheet identifies the business elements and data fields delivered by each D&B Data product, along with the data types and definitions. Also available is a chart showing what countries have data available for each D&B Data product. More details...

This version includes updates for Data Exchange v1.0. Additional enhancements include Data Layer tab (replaces "Products"), Parameters tab renamed to "Product Request", Data Fields tab renamed to "Product Response". Data Layers included in Quick Search.

Data PrimerReleasedRefreshed*
DnBDirect2-Data-Primer-v106.zipOctober 3, 2014November 17, 2014

*These files are periodically refreshed with the latest business element definitions, and to incorporate any adjustments/minor corrections made to the services.