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Direct 2.0

January 29, 2016

If you need assistance implementing these changes, or have questions regarding the new features or business elements, please contact the D&B Direct Customer Support team at (866) 465-3829 or submit an online request for assistance.

Service Additions and Changes

The following additions were implemented to the (Undefined variable: DNBVariableSet.D&BDirect) 2.0 API:

Custom Product3.0SOAP/REST

The element OperatingStatusFromDate is available for Custom Product.

Entity List Service6.2SOAP/REST

The response elements PrimaryAddress LatitudeMeasurement and PrimaryAddress LongitudeMeasurement are added to Find Company response. The UnitofSize attribute is added to Sales Revenue Amount response for Find Competitor.

Linkage Service4.0SOAP/REST
  • The country availability chart has been corrected to reflect that Standard Linkage (LNK-UPF) is available for U.S. companies.
  • Monitoring Service5.0SOAP/REST

    PUSH notifications now include CustomerReferenceText for List Change Notice.

    Portfolio2.0SOAP/RESTThe attributes InvestigationStatusText @DNBCodeValue and InvestigationStatusText @DNBCodeTableNumber are removed from ListPortfolioAsset. The possible values for InvestigationStatusText are updated.

    The Reference materials Country Code chart is updated to indicate that ISO country codes are not available for certain geographic locations.

    Deprecated Service Versions

    The following versions of the services listed have been upgraded with newer versions, however the older versions are still available and will be supported until January 29, 2018.

    Entity List Service6.1Upgraded to version 6.2

    Data Primer

    This Microsoft Exceltm spreadsheet identifies the business elements and data fields delivered by each D&B Data product, along with the data types and definitions. Also available is a chart showing what countries have data available for each D&B Data product. More details...

    Data PrimerReleasedRefreshed*
    Directional-Data-Primer-v120.zipJanuary 29, 2016February 26, 2016

    *These files are periodically refreshed with the latest business element definitions, and to incorporate any adjustments/minor corrections made to the services.