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Direct 2.0

August 21, 2015

If you need assistance implementing these changes, or have questions regarding the new features or business elements, please contact the D&B Direct Customer Support team at (866) 465-3829 or submit an online request for assistance.

Service Changes/Additions

The following changes were implemented to the (Undefined variable: DNBVariableSet.D&BDirect) 2.0 API:

Firmographic Product Service5.1SOAP/REST TerritoryOfficialName (State of Incorporation) has been added to DCP_PREM.

NOTE: Additional SOAP schema changes were implemented for an upcoming release.

Custom Product Service3.0SOAP/RESTOperationalStatusFromDate will now return a value in "yyyy-mm-dd" format.
Custom Product Service; Monitoring; Financial Product Service; Firmographics Product ServiceALLSOAP/RESTRedefinition of how StandaloneOrganizationIndicator element is populated.
Industry Product Service4.0SOAP/RESTWSDL issues corrected.
User Service2.4SOAP/RESTChanges not applicable to Direct2 customers.

Deprecated Service Versions

The following versions of the services listed have been upgraded with newer versions, however the older versions are still available and will be supported until August 21, 2017.

Firmographic Product Service5.0Upgraded to version 5.1
Custom Product Service2.0Upgraded to version 3.0
Industry Product Service3.1Upgraded to version 4.0
User Service2.2Upgraded to version 2.4

Data Primer

This Microsoft Exceltm spreadsheet identifies the business elements and data fields delivered by each D&B Data product, along with the data types and definitions. Also available is a chart showing what countries have data available for each D&B Data product. More details...

This version includes the additional data layers include in the D&B Direct Onboard API.

Data PrimerReleasedRefreshed*
DnBDirect2-Data-Primer-v111.zipAugust 21, 2015September 1, 2015

*These files are periodically refreshed with the latest business element definitions, and to incorporate any adjustments/minor corrections made to the services.

Documentation Updates

In addition to the service changes/additions, the following updates were completed to the documentation.

  • A "Select All" option is now available on code samples to simplify the process of copying the sample.
  • To successfully invoke the ReferenceData operations, the Application TransactionID and TransactionTimestamp fields should be included as illustrated in the sample requests.
  • Possible values for CreditorCategorizationDetail.CreditorTypeText have been documented in the Public Records service data layers.
  • Possible values for InvestigationStatusText and InvestigationPriorityText have been documented in the ListPortfolioAsset operation of the Portfolio service.
  • Possible values for PreferenceType and ApplicationAreaName have been documented in the User service where applicable. Support for IBM WebSphere MQ is not available.
  • Possible values for DocumentTypeCode have been documented in the Product Catalog and Report services for UK Company Filings.
  • A Global Availability section has been added to data layers reflecting the countries for which they can be ordered.