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Direct 2.0

October 23, 2015

If you need assistance implementing these changes, or have questions regarding the new features or business elements, please contact the D&B Direct Customer Support team at (866) 465-3829 or submit an online request for assistance.

Service Additions and Changes

The following additions were implemented to the (Undefined variable: DNBVariableSet.D&BDirect) 2.0 API:

Monitoring Service4.2SOAP/RESTAdded InquiryReferenceText to Change Notices

Deprecated Service Versions

The following versions of the services listed have been upgraded with newer versions, however the older versions are still available and will be supported until October 23, 2017.

Monitoring Service4.1Upgraded to version 4.2

Data Primer

There were no updates to the Data Primer as a result of this release.

Documentation Updates

  • Added statement about password storage/encryption to Authentication page
  • Added explanation of HTTP compression support.
  • Updated global availability charts, added for Direct Onboard products.
  • HTML formatted samples of BIR and COMPR reports now available.
  • Developer Sandbox page added.
  • Added possible values for InformationScopeText and ReliabilityText in FIN_HGLT and FIN_ST_PLUS
  • Added explanation of NULL vs. true/false values.